A diary with a difference…..

Freezing fog!

Well, let’s jump straight in at the deep end… As is apparent, from this shiny new blog, i’ve spent much of the day in our miniscule office trying to get my head round the ins and outs of WordPress.  Our connection to the mainland is via a microwave dish, thats not a 2 minute lasagne, it’s some kind of magical communication device that intermittantly does telephone and internet things.  Flat Holm is not connected to the mainland in anyway whatsoever!

The temperature outside has been a balmy -3c for most of the day.  The sheep are covered with ice crystals, in fact, everything is covered with ice crystals.  Frozen grass means no food for our grazers, so the first job, before my own breakfast, was to get some hay out to the sheep.  Count them and check them.  We had one hobbler so she was brought in for a pedicure, all better now!

Over lunch i dashed outside with my camera. The Volunteers had told me it was probably one of those picture postcard days.  They’ve been working their sock’s off up in the Fog Horn Cottage in preperation for next years holiday season.  Scraping, sanding, painting… Lots.  Matt, our head warden was up there too, while Ross fought with a USB microscope he found in the classroom, trying in vain to make it work with his laptop.  Laptop didn’t want to talk to microscope.

All in all it’s been a fantastic day, our biomass boiler has been lit and it’s time to settle down for the evening.


Conservation Warden


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