A diary with a difference…..

An introduction; Our first post!

West Beach

Welcome to the Flat holm Island Blog, a new feature to help keep you in touch with whats going on, it will be updated regularly with news, photos and events so keep checking in.

Flat Holm is an island in the Severn Estuary (also known as the Bristol Channel).  It is 5 miles south of Cardiff and subject to the highest tidal range in the world.

The Island is staffed by 3 semi-permanent residents consisting of the Warden, Education Warden and Conservation Warden along with 6 volunteers during the summer months and 4 volunteers during the winter months.  We all live out here for several weeks at a time in a small community spread across the island.  We are here to manage the island as a nature reserve, outdoor education centre and to conserve as much of its cultural heritage as possible.  Jobs are wide and varied such as tour guiding, teaching children through sustainable themed activities, building maintenance, livestock management and wildlife monitoring.  It is a unique but very fulfilling existence, the sights and sounds of flat Holm are always changing, making every day a new experience.

We look forward to seeing you soon.



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