A diary with a difference…..

We’ve been sniped!

The winter weather is bringing new birds to the island.  Last Friday saw the arrival of lapwings and golden Plovers (not to be confused with golden pullovers).   Today also saw our first buzzard of the winter season.  We expect the buzzard to visit daily throughout the winter months, until the arrival of the gulls.  We were also visited by a snipe.

The morning saw an elongated animal check.  This cold weather is playing havoc with our livestock’s water supply, there’s a lot of ice breaking going on.  We found one of the chickens experimenting with swimming in the icy waters of the duck pond, another chicken was trying to steal water from the sheep trough, the ewes were surprisingly defensive.

Matt and Ross (head and education warden respectively) were up in our Victorian army barracks, planning the buildings future.. new shop and an improved museum.  This building is central to the island for both tourists and school trips.  Had a short bird walk this afternoon, combined with a building check.  Wind and ice can be ruinous to elderly concrete structures such as our command posts and ammo stores.



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