A diary with a difference…..

There’s a black sheep in every flock…

"The Wall"

For everyone on Flat Holm, today was a much warmer day! Thankfully the bitter bone bruising Northerly winds have dropped and we welcome the warm westerly’s back, for now at least!  Today we have been putting the finishing touches on a newly re-built dry stone wall.  It was recently knocked down overnight in gale force winds but fortunately it was the only major damage incurred on the Island, which is hard to believe because had you been sleeping in the farmhouse that night listening to the wind howl, roof slates hopping and vibrating ceilings you would for sure have thought otherwise!  But, after many a long day of backbreaking walling the end is definitely in sight and the coping (final row of top stones) is being put in place.  The dry stone walls are crucial for containing our sheep and today we brought in some of them for a quick check over and learned that one member of the flock had developed a new skill… walking on her back legs! Astonished, we watched on as she perfected a tip-toe technique and comfortably reached into a bucket of ewe nuts left on top of a water butt!

The afternoon continued at a swift pace as the team sprawled out across the Island to finish some much needed maintenance jobs.   As the last drop of daylight faded, we frantically finished a pebble pathway surrounding the Fog Horn Cottage, then put the tractor to sleep and returned to the farmhouse for some much needed dinner and a winter warmer!


Education Warden


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