A diary with a difference…..

Only 364 Day’s ’til Christmas!

Well, we finally got our team of enthusiastic Christmas guests onto the island on Christmas eve, about 6 or 7 i think, it was dark, very dark.  Fortunately the wind had died down and the sea was like a sheet of glass, this made unloading all the Christmas goodies; food, pressies, maybe a few clinking bottles, much easier.  Will ran off to get Helga (our biomass boiler started), while i shot off to grab the tractor.  Everyone settled in nicely and we all had a big bowl of tagliatelle for tea! We had an amazing surprise gift from one of our guests, Jerry.  Jerry lived on Flat Holm, or ‘The Flats’ as it was known back then, for over 5 years, 1977-1982, he worked for Trinity House manning the lighthouse and foghorn station.  During this time he regularly carried his 126 film camera around with him to record life on the island.  Jerry has put together a wonderful album of his time on Flat Holm, it is absolutely incredible to see how our little rock has changed!  Obviously, for now, if you would like to see this piece of history you will need to visit, although hopefully, at some point, we will start ‘digitising’ some of these images and many others, to make them accessible to everyone.

Christmas morning was a stunner!  Clear blue skies in all directions and a thick coating of snow across the island.  A proper Winter Wonderland!  Of course work doesn’t stop, the animals still need checking and feeding, so this was my second job.  The first job being an interview at 730 on radio Somerset.  After the animals was radio Bristol…. Then breakfast, Coddled eggs with smoked salmon, dill and lemon, mmmmm…..!!

No rest for the wicked, i put Christmas dinner on and set out on a wander round the island, my first experience of a snowy Flat Holm.

After the huge roast dinner (i’m still full and it’s boxing day), we played a presents game, i’m still not sure what the rules are but it was fun and i came away with 4 boozy miniatures!

Well that’s all for now, off to feed the sheep ducks and chickens, here’s a little gallery, i’m sure some more photos will follow.  There’s a bit of a Badger Faced Sheep theme, they behaving very much like pets today!


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