A diary with a difference…..

Can’t believe it’s Friday!

Well i got back on to the island on Tuesday.  It’s always great to arrive back, such a peaceful place after the chaos of the mainland.  Peaceful does not translate to ‘nothing to do’ however.  Wednesday was not only the weekly clean and checks, it was the monthly and quarterly too.  The whole team got stuck in of course.  For those of you who are not familiar with the island, there are many checks that we have to do to make sure the island is kept running safely.  We are water and electricity independent, there are no pipes or wires connecting us to the mainland.  Whereas everyone else relies on other people to monitor these systems, we must do it ourselves.  We all sat round to watch ‘Stargazing‘ on BBC2, they were interviewing a bloke who was training for life on the international space station.  The similarities to Flat Holm did not escape us.  They do their cleaning and checks on a Saturday, we usually do it on a Monday, they get a day off each week, as do we, they can get stuck up there for months on end, snap!

We finally moved the ducks from the pond area to the chicken shed.  There are several reasons for this, the main one being that the rabbits eat all their food.  They were also turning the education area into a rather slippery mess (to put it politely).  Their current egg output (for 6 ducks) was about 6 per week, this was explained when we drained the pond.  What they don’t lay in the pond tends to get eaten by crows.  Hopefully we’ll find more eggs in the gun pit chicken shed.  Also moved to the chicken shed were mother hen Chantelle and her two chicks Bruscetta and Marmite.  We think Marmite is a Cockerel, if anyone would like to buy him please let us know!

Moving the poultry has left a messy garden and duck pond.  We’ve been prepping these areas ready for the new growing season, clearing out the greenhouse, washing down the paths, moving fresh compost into tubs.  We even planted some salad leaves in our propagator, a little optimistic perhaps but worth a go.


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