A diary with a difference…..

Week’s photo catch up….

Lambometer: 17 Mums, 32 Lambs

It’s been a hectic week, lambs galore!  If you’ve been watching lambing live on the BBC (i recommend it) you may have an idea what’s been going on, plenty of cute lambs to come and visit.  Ross and Matt have returned, and more volunteers have started too, 10 on the island, i’m not sure what we would do without them……  Wonky is a lamb we were forced to adopt after his mother (Roswell) failed to produce milk, he follows us everywhere.  If there are any community farms / city farms looking to purchase human friendly lamb, get in touch……..

Lisa and Will left us on Sunday 8(, Kat is staying on for a few more weeks 8).  A huge thank you to these fantastic volunteers, we’re going to miss you all, you’ve been brilliant!  Lisa’s becoming a warden at Berry Head near Paignton, Will’s off to cycle around Britain.  For a few days last week, three quarters of the Flat Holm population were people who had cycled Land’s End to John’O’Groats (or the other way round)…

Wildlife news:  44 Shelduck were spotted on Fridays survey, this is one of the highest counts for several years, Shelduck have been engaged in courtship dances and a male was spotted defending a rabbit burrow, could this be the year for shelduck chicks? Let’s hope so!  A couple of theories have been proposed, but they are both quite secret, maybe if you visit the island you will work it out…..

Weather has been brilliant for the grassland, April shower’s and sun has covered our island with lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) and John’s plot is filled with clumps of bluebell shoots.


Oh, and we’ve been featured on the Visit Wales Blog, some great ideas for day’s out on there!

3 responses

  1. Jane Baltzars

    Reall great to catch up on your news. How many mothers and how many lambs have you now got on the island? Hope you are not having too many sleepless nights. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Jane

    April 9, 2011 at 10:36 am

    • Hi Jane, i had to check the book, been quite crazy with another 2 sets of twins born last night. 17 Mothers and 32 Lambs, we lost a lamb yesterday unfortunately, it didn’t survive the birth. All other lambs fit & healthy…. quite a few are bananas

      April 9, 2011 at 12:00 pm

  2. Stuart McMillan

    Some really good photos in the selection. Well Done. You tested my aircraft recognition skills, but with help of Google, I can inform you that the aircraft is a Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey American Multi-Mission military tiltrotor aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing and short take off and landing capability. Designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with a long range, high speed cruise performance of turboprop aircraft. more info –
    http://www.google.co.uk/search?sourceid=navclient&aq=0&oq=bell+boeing+V-22&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GGLR_enGB311GB270&q=bell+boeing+v-22+osprey See you Friday with ALK’s

    April 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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