A diary with a difference…..

Warden’s Words

Hello Flat Holm Bloggers,

Its been a long time since I wrote on here, I have been away hiding abroad after my shameful appearance on The Weakest Link. I have been back on the island for two weeks now but only just found some time to write on here now. Its been very busy indeed, lots to catch up on and new information and sights to absorb. I came back to an excellently managed lambing flock of Ewes, who have been doing an excellent job of raising their little lambs. There are now only 6 Ewes left to lamb and then hopefully its an end to sleepless nights for a while. The team have been doing a fantastic job with only one lamb being lost, well done everyone!!

There are 5 new volunteers on now and today I am waving goodbye to the final Winter volunteer Kat, myself and the team are all very sad to see Kat leave, she has worked amazingly hard over the last seven months. We wish you the very best of luck in your future career, the same goes for Lisa and Will who were just as amazing. Ben, Marta, Chris, Rob & Sam all seem to be settling in well, they have been heavily involved in the lambing, had their first visitor trip and are currently slaving away in the Fog Horn Keepers Cottage assisting with the Association of Lighthouse Keepers residential. A big warm welcome to our new volunteers, I hope you have a great experience here this Summer and really enjoy yourselves.

The visitor experience has been greatly enhanced by the addition of lots of kindly donated furniture from the Norwegian Church and The Tube. The furniture has enhanced all the hard work our Winter team put into the Barracks refurbishment, it is a very professional looking visitor centre. The pub is still a work in progress but it won’t be long now. Please do come and visit to see all the wonderful progress that has been made already this year.

The volunteers have had great improvements made to their Summer accommodation, they now have a wonderful kitchen/ dining room and a brand new lounge room. With the kind help of our regular volunteer Bob there are now windows and doors in the Driftwood Victorian Extension. The first room of this extension now houses couches, a pool table and tv, the lights & sockets was kindly installed by friends of the island Andy and Kev. It is a wonderful new space for volunteers to get away from it all and relax. The Project is alway trying to find ways to improve life for everyone on the island, unfortunately with the limited resources we operate on, this all takes time.

The ALK weekend has been a huge success, with a great turn out of very enthusiastic volunteers to help the island team with the ongoing renovations in the Fog Horn Keepers Cottage. We have mostly been working on the interior, sanding down all the walls and wood work, filling in holes and cracks in the walls, fixing the windows, painting the new gas cage and even getting the green trim on the exterior of the Fog Horn Station. It has been a lot of hard work by many interested parties and Flat Holm staff over the last two years but we are getting there, the Cottage and Station Compound in general is looking great and so full of life again. I am very excited at the prospect of getting our first guests into the Cottage by the end of Summer.

I would like to finish by saying a huge thankyou to everyone who has worked with me on Flat holm over the last two years. Thats right!! I have been Warden now for just over two years, how that time has flown by, I must be enjoying myself. Together we have all made huge amounts of progress. I look forward to a few more years of working with you all and sharing this special place with as many people as I can.



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