A diary with a difference…..

Well, it’s sheep shearing time here on Flat Holm.  Last year we did this with hand shears, this year we have a brand spanking new set of sheep shears, electric ones!  Spent the best part of yesterday morning setting them up but finally got going, not as easy as it looks!  The team have also been out with the mower and strimmers attacking (mainly) the thistles.  A helicopter visited us earlier in the week, such a tiny thing!  A big thank you to Grace and Lizzy, our two work experience volunteers who have really worked hard.  A few of our Soay are pregnant and we’ve been seeing brief glimpses of the lambs, never enough for a photo, these are very wild and timid ewes.  Yesterday however i was woken at 0440am by the distinctive call of a ewe to her lamb, they were playing and feeding outside my bedroom window!

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