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Christmas Photos

Hello All

Apologies for the delay but here are the pics of the Christmas Holiday.  It was a fantastic success, everyone had a brilliant time.

Like I said previously our four guests arrived safe and sound after a fun speed trip across the channel, landing on East beach laden down with loads and loads of food and most importantly mine and Sophia’s Christmas post.  Hurray, food and gifts.  We had the wood burner going all day so the farmhouse was all toasty and welcoming.  We greeted the guests with homemade jam tarts, chocolate and banana cake and cups of tea, it was a very tasty greeting.

We had plenty of walks around the island and I gave a few informative tours of the history and wildlife, greatly helped by Gerry with all his knowledge of Flat Holm from a lighthouse keepers point of view.  Wonkey (the island pet sheep) joined us for one of the walks but I think he got jealous of all the attention the Soay’s were getting and soon wandered off on an adventure of his own.  Whilst I cracked on with readying the food each day, Sophia kept everyone busy with a few more rambles round the island, including one down onto West Beach to gather driftwood for the fire.

We had a few working sessions in the wildlife garden, weeding the raised beds and laying more weed suppressant down and even got some wood chopping done.  Nothing like a bit of gardening on a chilly Christmas morning, helps make some space for all that turkey dinner and christmas pud.  Christmas Eve we all went up to the Gull & Leek for a few island drinks and then visited the pub again on Boxing day afternoon.

Once again it was a pleasure sharing this wonderful island over the festive period.  We shall of course be doing it again in 2012, so why not join us for Christmas or New Year 2012.

I look forward to seeing you all again this year when the new season starts.

Best Regards



One response

  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time Matt….loved all the pics too.

    Thanks for sharing all this with us….pleased to see Wonkey was included.

    Wish I could’ve been there – but I had to put up with sub tropical Qld (In Australia) instead 😉

    I do love Flat Holm though and would love to return there one day.

    Happy New Year!

    January 5, 2012 at 7:23 am

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