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Spot the Oystercatcher

Oyster Catcher adult

We’ve had a number of regular sighting of Oystercatchers during the last few months and we were hopeful that some of them would be breeding pairs.

We had no luck at spotting the nests as oystercatchers are notorious for keeping them well hidden but we knew their favourite haunts.

This week on our regular bird walk we spotted that there were a few more than normal. If you look closely at the photo below you should be able to see the successful parents with their two oyster youngsters. The young at this age have smaller and darker beaks, darker legs and browner back feathers. Well done the oystercatchers and good luck spotting them below.


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  1. stephenpetermay13@gmail.com

    Hi Guys! I came to Flat Holm on a day visit about two Months ago, had a great day and saw a Few oyster catchers, I work in a factory in Bridgwater( BFF Technical Fabrics Bath road TA6 4NZ) and for the last three years a pair of Oyster catchers have nested on our roof which is huge and has many gull nests every year. This year they managed to keep one of their offspring away from the greedy gulls and I had enormous pleasure in watching the parents looking after it! It’s amazing the amount of wild life that lives close to our factory, Roe Deer, Foxes, Buzzards, Rabbits by the hundred! As I said I thoroughly enjoyed my day on your Island and would love to spend a week there! We had a Thunder storm last night which looked like it was coming from your way did you see it? I guess it would have been spectacular from there! Kind regards Stephen May

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    July 23, 2013 at 5:49 pm

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