A diary with a difference…..

Easter weekend with the Flat Holm Society

With Storm Hannah buffeting our coastline over the last 24 hours it’s hard to remember those calm and hot days of last weekend. It was Easter and the Flat Holm Society paid a visit to kindly help out with the on going island job list. They stayed for 4 days and together, we got a huge amount done! Thank you so much for all your hard work! Here’s a few photos from then.

Thank you for all your help with painting benches, buildings, each other at times; for mowing, weeding, and pruning; for clearing the greenhouse and getting it ready for the coming year; for creating a beautiful place by the pond to sit and enjoy the wildlife garden; for clearing around the rare wild peony; for passing on your wisdom and sharing your island stories with us, for helping ready the foghorn cottage for holiday accomodation, and lastly for the food, the laughter and the tai chi!

Without the efforts of the Flat Holm Society or the island staff over the years then the chances are that this little gem of an island wouldn’t be open to the public. What has been achieved over here over the years continues to blow me away, there is no end to the surprises and intriguing stories that it continues to throw up. Here’s to the coming summer and sharing more stories and laughter with whoever washes up on this little rock in the Bristol channel that we call home.

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