A diary with a difference…..

From up High

What a glorious sunny day here on Flat Holm and just in time for the Lighthouse Keepers to let us up the Lighthouse.  They arrived this morning to carry out maintenance and weather permitting they will be leaving tomorrow, so when we had a break we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to see the island from up on high.


It often surprises people how small the island really is when they ascend all the way to the top of the Lighthouse and its usually the only way someone can fully appreciate how many structures are tucked away on this little rock in the Bristol Channel.  Have a good look and see how many you can spot.

Pardon the sewage works, it will soon grass over, so well that we’ll struggle to see where all the pipework went.  On that note, the trench has finally made it to the Fog Horn Cottage.  There was literally just a few centimetres of soil above the bedrock from the Radar platform up to the cottage, it really slowed things down and now we have more piles of rock than we know what to do with.

It should just be another couple of weeks work and then all the sewage works will be out the way, not long after that we will have our first day trip of the season.  Looking forward to seeing you all this year and showing you all the progress that has been made this Winter.




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